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Who founded the company?

Fashions Hall of Trends is one of the fastest growing online fashion stores related founded in June 2021 by uber-successful Lera’s Closet. The company’s existence is due to the company’s realization that Canada mainly relies on other countries for trendy fashion due to a gap in the market.

Thanks to the team’s sense of fashion and out-of-the-box ideas, Fashions Hall of Trends has grown super-fast. Why utilize other countries when Canada has loads of extraordinary talent? It’s continued to be a pain point that most Canadians can relate to and as a result, the company has chosen to change the narrative.

Fashions Hall of Trends carries a variety of trendy designs ranging from, trendy clothes, to minimalist fashion, jewelry, fashionable body accessories to hair accessories, and headgear which is only a part of the mix.

Mission Statement

To serve North America with fast fashion products that are either essential, trendy, or inaccessible at a competitive price.

What was the ideology behind it?

Why chose Fashions Hall of Trends? What makes us better than the rest?

Our collections are made for everyone who wants to be a fashion forerunner. We choose to offer excellence over quantity. There is never any compromise on quality. When it comes to finding the best pieces of trendy fashion available on the internet, in a quick, hassle-free manner, we are the ones you need to shop with! Order now before we sell out on our latest styles!